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Towards Stockholm+50: Transforming Global Value Chains for a Healthy Planet and Prosperity for All

The Swedish Ministry for the Environment, UNEP 10 YFP and the World Economic Forum have joined forces to drive the important value chain agenda on the road to Stockholm+50 and beyond. Stockholm+50 will accelerate implementation in areas fundamental to a sustainable future. Sustainable values chains are part of the solution. This session will present sustainable global value chain initiatives, identify gaps, explore opportunities and engage in mobilising, accelerating and scaling such efforts.

Around 70% of trade today involves global value chains that stitch together services, raw materials, inputs and suppliers across borders. The clock is ticking to ensure these production networks contribute to decarbonization and environmental preservation. What global priorities and corporate action can accelerate and scale the delivery of sustainable, circular global value chains?

Alongside the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA-5.2), this side-event co-convened by the World economic Forum, the Swedish Environment Ministry and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), focuses on sustainable global value chain initiatives which will serve as a path towards Stockholm +50.. Sustainable values chains are part of the solution to a sustainable and healthy planet. The side-event  will outline the complexity of sustainable production and consumption, showcase examples of supply chain levers for sustainability, and discuss actions to scale these up. A key deliverable is to enhance awareness on the changes afoot to render value chains sustainable and what more is needed. Emphasis will also be placed on the role of entrepreneurs and innovators in upgrading value chain sustainability.

Published on February 7, 2022
Event start date
10:15 am
Event end date
11:45 am

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