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Progress On SDG 12 by Target
Consumer Information for SCP Programme

consumer information and climate change solutions


More sustainable consumption and production is integral to tackle climate change and reduce carbon emissions. The Tourism, Buildings and Food sector together account for more than half of humanity’s contribution to energy-related CO2 emissions. Therefore, consumption patterns in these sectors are critical to reduce global CO2 emissions. If implemented correctly, consumer information tools can influence consumer behaviour and trigger more sustainable consumption choices. In each sector, different approaches should be taken to inform consumers about carbon emissions. Moreover, to increase overall carbon literacy of consumers and facilitate comparison among different certifications, information tools must be harmonised and introduced on a wider basis.

The Report

The report “Consumer Information Tools and Climate Change - Facilitating low-carbon choices in Tourism, Buildings and Food Systems” details how the use of consumer information tools can support greenhouse gas emission reductions in three sectors – Tourism, Buildings and Food. It serves as a guidance for policy makers and business leaders.

The report is an output of the Consumer Information Programme, funded by the International Climate Initiative. It was developed through the collaborative effort of four programmes of the One Planet Network: Consumer Information, Sustainable Buildings & Constructions, Sustainable Food Systems and Sustainable Tourism. The effort was led by the UN Environment Programme.

The report was launched during a global webinar on February 25, 2020, and second webinar in collaboration with the International Resource Panel was held on XXXXX.

Communication tools: Infographics

The Consumer Information programme has prepared five infographics which summarise some of the key findings of the report related to different topics. These serve a communication tool for stakeholders to use with their various audiences. 


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